With more than 30 years of experience in the golf industry, Green Dynasty understand the needs of developers and clubs and provide integrated packages under one umbrella catered to suit both budget and overall objective of the planned development. With our experience and dedication to environmental management, Our goal is to design and build development that are environmentally sustainable and give back to the environment through smart design and management. Our integrated service offer 4 distinct levels of Design.

Course Alterations & Renovations Design

Geared towards existing clubs looking to upgrade facilities without the cost of engaging a full design service. Focus is on good quality design catered to members needs and integrated with Green Dynasty Construction services.

New Course Design

Full course design for new or totally redeveloped projects. Green Dynasty can provide a cost effective golf design or work with a selection of preferred design firms providing a unique design style. In addition Green Dynasty can also provide "Signature Design" working with some of the greatest names in golf to help promote residential developments of the project.

Land Planning

New projects require the services of a professional land planner who understands golf and how to best utilize the land to gain maximum property value. Green Dynasty have an excellent working relationship with a number of Land Planners and we can integrate their services into a design package so we can ensure all planning is done to ensure cost effective construction and long term functionality of the development.

Vertical Design

Land Planning and Golf Design and never truly integrated unless the vertical structures such as Clubhouse, Maintenance buildings and other structures are designed with the same philosophy as the rest of the project.


Construction Management

Green Dynasty's Unique P.C.P System

Pre Construction - Construction - Post Construction

Building a successful golf course involves more than just good design. Green Dynasty has developed a successful integrated Construction Management  program that addresses the three main components of building a golf course. Organization and planning is critical to ensure all components during construction are covered.

Pre Construction Stage

Green Dynasty assist or represent the developer with appointment of Consultants and coordinate with Architects and Consultants to plan out construction, develop scheduling and budgets and prepare and call project specific tender documents. Emphasis is placed on ensuring the construction is cost efficient and built to all professional standards ensuring the long term viability of the project.

Construction Stage

With successful planning in place Green Dynasty commence CONSTRUCTION with the knowledge that everything can be done right the first time. With the implementation of construction programming and quality control procedures the owner and architect can rest assure that the golf course will be built to specifications on time and within budget.

Post Construction

To ensure the golf course maintains the standards achieved during construction, Green Dynasty provide a POST CONSTRUCTION service which controls final grow in, rectification of works by the contractor prior to hand over. Ongoing monitoring is carried out in conjunction with the course operator to ensure the golf course is maintained to exacting standards ensuring consistent maintenance budgets are met and the golf course achieves the desire of the owner.



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Environmental Sustainability is becoming one of the most critical items in ensuring the long term success of a project.

Green Dynasty offer both Environmental Landscape Design and Construction Management to ensure works are carried out accordingly and with Environmental protection as the priority.

Environmental Design

Green Dynasty Landscape Design team work with owner appointed / or government appointed environmental engineers to design a feasible and sustainable development. With a "Think Outside the Square" approach, our ability to integrate both design on paper and implementation on the ground ensures success.

Our Environmental Design Service includes:

Landscape Design for Golf focusing on indigenous planting for integrated Flora and Fauna.

Wetland Design and Water management / recycling.

Restoration of Grasslands, Wetlands, Parks and Gardens.

Management of Natural Resources. 




Environmental Construction

Our P.C.P system for Environmental Construction

PRE CONSTRUCTION phase allows Green Dynasty to plan out how the project will be built. Working with the engineers and design team, we develop site specific methodology to best implement works on the ground. In addition, we bring out of the box thinking to best create schedules and budgets that create a feasible project  to build and manage long term.

During the CONSTRUCTION PHASE, the Green Dynasty field team monitor and control all works onsite, identify issues and find solutions prior to carrying out each component of works.

Schedule management and cost control are carried out and monitored throughout the works to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

 No project is complete upon handover and our POST CONSTRUCTION service constantly monitors the maturation of the environment and attends to rectification of contractors works. In addition we help to develop the long term management strategy for the project.


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As the industry changes and environmental sustainability must be consistent across an entire development, it is important to have all components integrated and working together. GREEN DYNASTY has identified the need to provide a developer or club with an umbrella service that incorporated all phases from design and construction through to operation and maintenance. Apart from only having to deal with one company, GREEN DYNASTY can ensure the project design parameters are integrated and all components work together. The end result is a development that is cost efficient to build and run.

To provide our Turn Key service, GREEN DYNASTY have teamed up with strategic partners who are experts in their chosen field and work within the GREEN DYNASTY team environment. Our Turn Key team have many years experience in the Asian region and a sound understanding of both cultural and local needs that can effect how a development functions and operates.

As no two projects are the same, our Turn Key service can be geared to suit a projects specific needs. These services under the umbrella arrangement can include:

Land Planning

Master Planning

Civil Engineering

Golf Architecture

Landscape Design

Irrigation Design

Building Architecture

Structural Engineering

Mechanical & Electrical (M & E)


Environmental Design

Pre Opening set up and consultation

Club Operations and Maintenance

Project promotion


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Enhancing and Protecting the Environment through Golf

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