With more than 30 years of experience in the golf industry, Green Dynasty understands the needs of Developers and Golf Clubs and provide integrated packages under one umbrella catered to suit both budget and overall objective of the planned development. With our experience and dedication to environmental and sustainable management practices, our goal is to manage and build developments that are environmentally sustainable and give back to the environment through smart planning and implementation.


Green Dynasty provide Developers with independent development assessment to predetermine both cost and approach for undertaken a development. Services include:

1. Site Assessment.

2. Preliminary development cost Analysis.

3. Preliminary development scheduling.

4. Recommendation of consulting team members.

5. Development reports.


Building a successful golf course involves more than just construction. Green Dynasty has developed a successful integrated construction program that addresses the three main components of building a golf course.

Organization and planning are critical to ensure all components during construction are covered. This is done through PRE-CONSTRUCTION where Green Dynasty assist the developer with detailed planning for site specific construction and then coordinate with Architects and Consultants to plan out efficient works. Detailed scheduling and budgets are developed, and preparation of site-specific tender documents are undertaken. All tendering of works is undertaken with confidence of keeping the project within an approved budget and meeting specifications.

With successful planning in place, Green Dynasty commence CONSTRUCTION with the knowledge that everything can be done right the first time. With the implementation of fulltime site control, construction programming and quality control procedures the owner and architect can rest assure that the golf course will be built to specifications on time and within budget.

To ensure the golf course maintains the standards achieved during construction, Green Dynasty provide a POST CONSTRUCTION service which controls final grow in. Rectification of works by the contractor prior to hand over and ongoing monitoring is maintained to ensure the golf course meets exacting standards ensuring consistent maintenance budgets are met and the golf course achieves the desires of the owner.


Preparing for commencement of a golf project is the most critical component in achieving a successful development. An extensive Pre-Construction undertaken by Green Dynasty will ensure the tender process is conforming to specification and design intent. In addition, detailed development schedules and budgets are set.

  • Detailed Scheduling
  • Detailed Budgeting
  • Preparation and call to tender
  • Tender assessment
  • Material procurement and testing
  • Project Quality Control
  • Development methodology


Construction Monitoring is critical to ensure quality and time scheduling is met. Green Dynasty have the most experienced teams in the Industry and our dedicated approach to protecting the client’s interest and investment is upmost on our approach to delivering a successful project. Construction Services to include:

  • Fulltime onsite experienced Construction Management
  • Management of consulting parties
  • Schedule updates
  • Budget monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Site communication
  • Value engineering
  • Management of contractors and supply chain


Post construction is the key to finishing of any successful project. This includes not just grow in of new turf but also identification and rectification of contractor defects. Training and setup of ongoing maintenance operations and expected standards.

Services to include

  • Golf course grow in
  • Defects rectification
  • Maintenance operations setup and training
  • Sign off and final inspection
  • Finalization of construction accounts.


Renovating a golf course whilst maintaining play is an art and no one does it better than Green Dynasty. We have completed numerous high-profile complete course renovations whilst maintaining full playing conditions for members and golfers. Scope of services over and above New Course Construction include:

  • Understanding member requirements and restrictions.
  • Implementation of safety measures specific to maintaining        play during construction.
  • Management of committee and Consultants.
  • Transition to new specifications for maintenance teams.


In addition to Construction Management, Green Dynasty offer specialist Golf Construction services:

  • Course alterations
  • Bunker renovations
  • Specialist Shaping
  • Feature Construction personnel
  • Finishing Technicians
  • Irrigation Technicians
  • Drainage Technicians
  • Grassing Grow in and personnel
  • Complete construction teams to assist Civil Contractors.
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