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The need for accurate information through digital capture has become a mandatory component of developing and managing a project. Green Dynasty have identified a need to provide digital Drone survey as a third-party verification and means of accurately justifying contract claims. In addition, our Drone As-built information becomes an important tool for the Golf Course Superintendent in managing ongoing agronomic programs.


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To meet the need, Green Dynasty Pte Ltd have partnered up with Brain Pool Tech Pte Ltd to provide digital solutions for the entire life cycle of your golf course.  Our services will take you from pre-construction to post-construction where we create a master digital file before the first shovel hits the ground. We provide in-progress monitoring of the site and during the post-construction phase and we provide all stakeholders with 3rd party oversight and verification of topo designs, watershed, water storage, flood mitigation, accurate aerial volumetric measurements and a final digital as-built that will save you money throughout years of future maintenance. We also offer stunning marketing material throughout the process and provide a state-of-the-art mobile app for all your customers who believe their golf course should have environmentally sustainable goals.


1. Aerial survey of proposed site to create Topo map of design services by appointed consultants

2. Verification of existing Topo plans.

3. Creation of watershed plan for drainage, water storage, flood mitigation and irrigation purposes

4. Creation of “Master File” for design and As Built information.

5. Create Fly path plan for monthly site pick up survey.


1. Provide site Drone for daily, weekly or monthly site survey following designated flight path for quantity verification.

2. Monthly interpretation of site data and prepare monthly take off quantities.

3. Develop and build on going As-Built.

4. Verification and checking of contractor claim and measurements.

5. Progress aerial photos and videos.


1. Final As-built plan

2. Aerial measurements of turf and feature areas for agronomic planning

3. Accurate hole distance measurements for course rating

4. 3D imaging of completed holes for use in Course Guide Books

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